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For new recruits like you, who have heard rumors about the thrills, action and horror of the Colosseum of Death, your induction into the Academy of R.A.P.T.O.R to join your first (and last, let's face it the mortality rate is high) dinosaur gladiator tribes then this information is vital to you.

If you think you have what it takes, if you're brave enough or just plain stupid enough to think you too can ride a ferocious dinosaur in The Dinosaur Games or even into battle then good luck and read on, you poor misguided fool.

For a word of warning to those of you who might prefer the safety and comfort of their XBox, PS4, warm bed and teddy bear then first read: How To Train Your Dinosaur.

However, if you are under no illusion of the impossibly dangerous mission you were clearly born to excel in, then for the rest of you fine brave recruits,the greatest elite fighting force the world will ever see we have one thing to say to you: Don't say we didn't warn you!

Christopher Gordon is the author of The Dinosaur Games series which means he is currently in a dinosaur stampede. He can be seen in a dust cloud near you, holding onto the saddle and reins of his T-Rex for dear life, screaming for mercy and usually falling off.

Rumors that Christopher was last seen being dragged by his butt behind his dinosaur ride as he records the exploits of the gladiators in real time for your entertainment, he totally denies as lies and malicious gossip. But we know better, don't we?

Christopher was last seen picking cactus needles out of his butt ( yes he fell out of his saddle again)as he races to bring you the next vital episode of the gladiators fighting for freedom.

The Dinosaur Games series is for kids of all ages, apparently. Around the world, adults known to you shall pretend to hate the high adrenyln mystery thriller books and frequently be caught by their children secretly reading them under their bed covers with a flash light... will adults never learn?

If you think you're brave enough, if you have what it takes to be a Dinosaur Gladiator in one of the Dinosaur Tribes, then new recruit, here is the Publishing Schedule:

The Dinosaur Games Book 5 will be published on... Monday September 30th 2013

The Dinosaur Games Book 6 will be published on... Monday 28th October 2013.

The Dinosaur Games Book 7 will be published on... Monday 11th November 2013.

The Dinosaur Games 8: Monday 25th November 2013

The Dinosaur Games 9: Monday 9th December 2013

The Dinosaur Games 10: Monday 23rd December 2013

How To Train Your Dinosaur 2: Monday 30th December 2013

The Dinosaur Games 11: Monday 6th January 2014.

The Dinosaur Games 12: Monday 20th January 2014.

The Dinosaur Games 13: Monday 3rd February 2014.

The Dinosaur Games 14: Monday 17th February 2014.

The Dinosaur Games 15: Monday 3rd March 2014.

The Dinosaur Games 16 : Monday 17th March 2014.

The Dinosaur Games 17 : Monday 31st March 2014.

The Dinosaur Games 18 : Monday 7th April 2014.

The Dinosaur Games 19 : Monday 21st April 2014.

The Dinosaur Games 20: Monday 5th May 2014.

The Dinosaur Games 21 (Series Finale): Monday 26th May 2014.

Good luck new recruit.

You will need it.

See you on the other side of freedom.


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